How should I prepare before a session?

Please be sure to be hydrated before the session due to the sound-conductive properties of water.  It also helps with any detox symptoms you may experience after the session.

After a session steps and self care

After your session, be sure to drink plenty of water.  Also, take a 20 min bath with 2 cups of any type of salt (Epson, Himalayan, Dead Sea, etc).  The salinity of the water is negatively charged, and through osmosis, will draw out positively charged toxins that may be releasing.  If you find yourself experiencing detox symptoms, your first remedy should be a salt bath.  It will speed up and ease the detox process.

Will I experience detox?

Not everyone experiences detox. Detox can look like fatigue, waves of emotion, headaches, runny nose, and cold or flu like symptoms that may last from 1 to 3 days.

Remember that detox is the process of moving out what is no longer a match for your current state of frequency.  Our motto is: “Better out than in!”  If you do experience detox, rest assured in a short amount of time you will feel better with a new sense of lightness and clarity.

Post session homework

Becoming more well-balanced usually requires a change in perception and/or action of some kind or another. Simply becoming more aware of our habitual subconscious behaviors, becoming aware of ourselves from the place of ‘the witness,’ broadens the trajectory of our life possibilities. Becoming aware of how we react to certain events, people, or situations. Hence, we become more free to choose healthy and self- supporting behaviors and reactions.

Are there any differences between distance sessions and in person sessions?

In her practice, Eileen McKusick has found that distance sessions provide the same benefits as working in the same physical space. Both the client and practitioner act as if the body is on the treatment table while the client is sitting or laying down remotely. The session is conducted through a phone call. Watch here for Eileen’s description of how distance sessions work:

Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

You can book a crystal bowl sound bath with me, but you must provide a space for the gathering. The cost is $30 per person for one hour with a 5 person minimum. Travel time one way no more than 45 minutes. Please contact me with questions.