Natural Spray Deodorant

I have several different skin care products I make myself because it is easy to do and I can control what ingredients go in them. I recently posted some lip balm recipes I love and now for another item that is seriously awesome: natural spray deodorant.

This recipe is from and I was immediately in love. I was using Schmidt's Natural Deodorant and I was loving it. It works really well and I sweat a lot during work outs so I put it to the test. Unfortunately, after a couple years of use I started getting sensitive to the baking soda as some people do. If you do not have a problem with baking soda than this deodorant is highly recommended, otherwise, this recipe is fast to make and fast to apply.

Natural Spray Deodorant (allow your underarm to adjust for 3 days):

Spray bottle

1/4 cup ethanol alcohol (vodka or gin works best). I used 80 proof gluten-free vodka.

Follow the different “proof” options to pick your desired odor protection: 

70-90 proof = light coverage

90-120 proof = medium coverage

120+ proof = strong coverage

2 tsp distilled white vinegar

essential oils (optional)

10 drops tea tree oil

10 drops frankincense essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil


Note: Make sure you get essential oils from a reputable company otherwise they may be fake or processed with harmful chemicals. Some examples of reputable companies are Mountain Rose Herbs, DoTerra, and Young Living.