I've been meaning to write on the topic of self-care for awhile now because it is so important for everyone to incorporate into their lives. You shouldn't feel like it is a luxury, but a necessity. Our lives are built from the perceptions we have, and if we are operating from a place where we are run down and depleted then our mental clarity suffers. Therefore, our perception of our world can suffer as well. When we are depleted, our focus is narrow and opportunities and mental clarity are limited. If you are taking proper care of yourself and recharging your battery then you have more information and opportunities available to you. In this state, you serve yourself and others much better.

For this particular topic, I decided to film a video of me teaching a friend of mine the art of self-care. Please watch so you can learn what self-care is and easy ways you can incorporate self-care into your life. Below I will list the self-care practices mentioned in the video, but the video will go into more detail about each and why each is beneficial to your health.

I wanted to clarify one thing in the video. I use the term helping others as an example of how we can drain our battery. What that really means is what we give our energy to. This could mean work, physically taking care of someone, events in our day to day schedule, our thoughts, or anything else we invest energy into. Any of these things can deplete your battery. Use some of the tips I describe to replenish your energy.

Self-Care Practices:

    • 15 minutes of Breathing/Meditation/Quiet time 
    • Salt Baths
    • Grounding
    • Massage
    • Yoga
    • Going for a walk
    • Doing something you love like reading a book, painting, singing, dancing, etc
    • Just doing something different or changing your surroundings can shift your perspective and sometimes that’s all you need to help you start to replenish

What are some of the ways you practice self-care?