Just a Thought?

When you know that your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create your reality then it isn't just a thought, is it? Controlling our mental chatter should be a daily practice when you know just how much this influences your outer world. EVERYTHING in your outer world is controlled by your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Let me repeat that. EVERYTHING in your outer world is controlled by your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. If you don't like what you are seeing in your outer world, change your inner world! If your thoughts are self limiting, hurtful, full of doubt and you pair it with negative emotions then you have given those thoughts the fuel they need to manifest in your life. Your emotions fuel your thoughts into reality good and bad. This is why monitoring your thoughts is so important. Make sure they are life-affirming and not life-limiting.

Sometimes we have a stint where we feel great, we are getting clear about what we want our lives to look like, beautiful things have been cropping up in our lives and then, BAM, something seemingly negative pops into our lives. A breakup/divorce, laid off from a job, a falling out with a friend. These can be very uncomfortable situations, but not to the wise man. The wise man knows that they have been doing the work to align themselves with their greatest good and cultivating thoughts that are complimentary to the person they want to be. So, to the wise man, this is a sign that the things that are falling away in their life is their old perception of themselves that no longer aligns with the new person they are becoming. We have a tendency to want to cling to the "old man", which in turn makes us feel uncomfortable or depressed and blocks us from getting what we truly desire. But, if we are truly passionate about the person we want to become then we will stand our ground in the beliefs of the person we are meant to be. Bigger. Brighter. Bolder. More beautiful than ever!

Contrast is a jump off point to get clearer about what you do want in your life. If you have a negative reaction to someone or something, what is the positive emotion that is its opposite? There are two sides to every coin. Love/Hate. Complacent/Passionate. Joy/Sorrow. So, if a negative feeling arises within you, find what the opposite emotion is and cultivate thoughts that help you feel that emotion. Continue to feel that emotion daily until you feel more balanced. When you notice you have this negative feeling popping up in one aspect of your life, chances are it is popping up in several areas of your life. By cultivating more of those positive thoughts and emotions you will start noticing more of this in your life because you have asked for it by feeling it. Remember, to change your outer world you need to change your inner world!

Shine bright my lovelies. Practice, practice, practice! For real! To master anything it takes practice and this one is worth the effort. Watch your reactions and your thoughts. Are they the thoughts and feelings you want to be experiencing? If not, you have this incredible power to change them on demand without permission from anyone else!

Pro Tip: If you need a reset in your day because you are becoming overwhelmed and you are having a hard time resetting try doing the 3 minute meditation found here: Heart Meditation
I will also be doing a write up shortly about self-care and grounding which will help tremendously.